Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Channels James Dean

Credit: Getty Images

Arriving at the Dolce & Gabbana Gold Restaurant in Milan on Saturday (they have a restaurant?) (whatever you say, Dolce & Gabbana), Justin Bieber rocked some thick black eyeglass frames, going for a sort of "geek chic" look. And, hey, we can totally get down with that, especially considering his awesome graphic hoodie featuring a portrait of James Dean. Maybe Justin's a big fan of "Rebel Without A Cause." Or he just likes brooding. That could be it, too. Girls love brooding, right?

While James Dean may be an American legend, an iconic symbol of masculine strength, virility, and "bad boy" sex appeal, Justin doesn't need to take any advice on how to woo the ladies. The Canadian crooner is obviously doing something right, considering he's got more screaming throngs of girls than The Beatles in their heyday (although, ironically, both Justin and The Beatles shared the same haircut in their respective earlier days).

As long as The Biebs remembers the words to "Baby" -- and those dance moves that keep him flying on air and into the hearts of young girls around the world -- Justin has nothing to worry about. Plus, it's not like James Dean had a Swagger Coach (or did he?).