MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Lykke Li

Credit: Roger Deckker

Swedish singer Lykke Li is this week's MTV PUSH artist. She recently graced us with a stunning MTV "Unplugged" performance, and it was a haunting, ethereal otherworldly occasion that reminded us exactly what an "Unplugged" performance should be. It's not just about the hushed environment, the candles and the expensive rug. It's a closely held, carefully kept intimate experience that opens a window into the artistic experience.

And if you want to know more about the mysterious force behind her moody, moving music, we've got exclusive interviews with Lykke Li, who reveals that her desire to escape the unhappiness of her youth in Stockholm influenced her early on, how she translates her very visual imagination into her music, and how her restlessness informs her creative spirit.

Watch exclusive interviews with Lykke Li, watch "Possibility" from her MTV "Unplugged" performance, check out her "Get Some" video from her Wounded Rhymes album and watch her entire MTV "Unplugged" performance.