WATCH: A Day To Remember Answers Buzzworthy Fan Questions

Not long ago, we asked you to submit your burning questions for Florida rock band and MTV Artist to Watch A Day To Remember. Man, you guys are curious! The guys were nice enough to swing by our studios recently to answer some of them, delving into stories from the road, gifts from fans and their video history.

In the first video, guitarist Neil Westfall discusses the devotion of the band's fans and spills the dirt on a CERTAIN member of the band who resisted getting a keepsake tour tattoo when the group hit the road with New Found Glory. You might be surprised by what he did when he finally got inked.

In the second fan question video, A Day To Remember waxes (get it??) on their hysterical video catalog, discussing which video was the most fun to make -- hint: the one they weren't in -- and having to take care of some restless baseball-loving kids. You can also find out their dream tour lineup, ranging from Slipknot to Coldplay, and you'll get the answer to the existentially dreadful question, "Have you made it?" Not until there are A Day To Remember action figures, says the band. We're on it.