Star Spotting: Toni Braxton Channels Nicki Minaj, Grape Jelly

Credit: Splash News

It looks like Toni Braxton has taken a page out of the ol' Nicki Minaj handbook (which, itself, also cites references to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry). Why's that? Because she was photographed at New York's ritzy Four Season hotel dressed in shades of purple from the toe up. Her lavender heels only brought out the fizzy grape in her dress, which directly matched her vaguely purple hair.

Don't get us wrong -- she still looks beautiful, if nothing short of Halle Berry's dopplegänger. And although she's not wearing a bright purple wig -- something Nicki, Gaga, and Katy are wont to do -- Toni looks like she's learned a thing or two from the bevvy of today's female pop stars who have adopted primary colors into their wardrobe (I mean, have you watched "California Gurls"?). On Toni, however, the look is a bit more demure and subtle, although it still leaves us hungry for a bowl of fresh blueberries or some Purple Drink.