New Video: Britney Spears, 'Till The World Ends'

In case you had any doubt that Britney Spears wasn't all the way "back," her "Till The World Ends" video will swiftly debunk that notion. Set in an underground dance club in 2012 (which looks scarier yet sexier than 2011), you could almost call "Till The World Ends" "I'm A Slave 4 U" Part 2 -- a troupe of sweaty, sexy dancers rubbing up on each other while Britney calls the shots and the entire room obeys. And. We. Love. It.

Britney dropped the Ray Kay-directed video and tweeted, "I’m so excited that you all can finally see the 'Till The World Ends' video!" And in the video, Britney and her dancers, clad in leather and fishnets (and not much of anything else), aren't distracted at all by the apocalypse taking place around them. As buildings begin to fall and bombs start to drop, the party beneath the streets is just getting started, thumping, throbbing and maybe even soiling undies in seriously sexy synchronicity. The later it gets, the harder they dance and the harder they party. (Also, where was our invite?!) Britney's the HBIC, demonstrating some more subtle yet still stimulating choreo as well as some sex-cellent hair flips. And please note: a mini homage to the classic "Oops...I Did It Again" -- a red jumpsuit! It's been updated, but it's still very Britney.

"Till The World Ends" is the second single off of Britney's seventh studio album, Femme Fatale, and this video is the first of two set to be released for the song.

+ Watch Britney Spears' "Till The World Ends" video: