PHOTO: Mariah Carey Posed NAKED AND VERY PREGNANT On The Cover Of Life & Style Magazine

Credit: Life & Style

OK, let's get this out of the way: The process of carrying and birthing children is nothing short of a miracle, a scientific wonder that still manages to be one of the most mind-boggling processes that makes you stop and realize how amazing life can be. An astonishing exercise in the wonderment of nature. That a woman can conceive life inside her own body and carry tiny human beings inside her is truly an astonishing process, one which every mother knows changes the way you see the rest of the world.

On the other hand, being pregnant isn't all fun and games (just ask any lady who's essentially carried around a backpack full of orange juice cartons on her torso for nine months, pausing to nap and vomit in the morning). But mothers-to-be should be proud of their baby bumps, as is Mariah Carey, who posed totally naked on the cover of Life & Style magazine. We have to say, though, that this picture is a strange sight for both Mariah and the magazine itself.

Mariah's frequently embraced her sensual side, showing a lot of skin and cooing coyly on her albums and in her videos. And now, as she marches boldly toward motherhood -- TWINS, by the way -- posing naked on the cover of a magazine (which, admittedly, is nothing new) is only jarring not because she lost her clothes, but simply because the photo looks so... I don't know. Ribald?

Granted, Mariah -- stunning as always -- still has that undeniable mommy-to-be glow about her, but it's just odd to see her doing that thing (you know, that thing?) where she covers her boobs with her hands so as to keep the shot "classy" or something? Don't get us wrong: We're happy to see Mimi ready to pop and give Nick Cannon not one but TWO babies to adore, but it's also really weird that she, of all people, gave the green light to a magazine cover that looks a little salacious? Maybe we're just turning into pilgrims or nuns over here. Could she at least have covered up with a bib or something? A baby-on-board boobie tee?