Watch Theophilus London's 'Live In NYC' MTV Performance

Credit: Scott Gries/PictureGroup/MTV

Theophilus London's "Live In NYC" MTV performance was as unmissable as the Brooklyn MC/singer-songwriter/producer is inimitable. Channeling the funk of early-'80s Prince with the rhythmic bounce of Biggie and Andre 3000, Theophilus London performed the perfect four-song set through his own modern filter live last month at The Studio At Webster Hall. Theophilus showcased songs from his new EP, Lovers Holiday, and while his album and songs contain plenty of allusions to love and other indoor sports, its his layers of introspective and self-consciousness that make him anything but a purveyor of typical booty jams. Though that didn't stop the artist from presuming that both he and the Webster Hall crowd might get some after the show. (Check out the interview below for more on that.)

And speaking of the show, we've got Theophilus London's entire "Live In NYC" MTV performance, featuring "Wine And Chocolates," "Strange Love," "Why Even Try" and "Flying Overseas," from his Lovers Holiday EP, on demand right now.

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