10 Things To Know Now: The Best Rebecca Black Cover, James Franco Hates Twitter + Bieber Sloths!

Credit: Getty, FilmMagic, WireImage

March came in with a lion and out like a lamb. A wet, wet lamb. Srsly, what's with all the rain? At least we can keep dry inside while we count down this week's best things on the Internet.

1.) For so long I've rued the day Rebecca Black made that silly "Friday" video, but now I think I have to thank her. Because if "Friday" didn't exist, neither would Stephen Colbert's "Friday" cover, featuring Jimmy Fallon, Taylor Hicks, The Roots and the Knicks City Dancers! Iz very classy. (Gawker)

2.) Remember that time Britney Spears got a bowl of noodles dumped on her at the 2011 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards? She's a good sport. (Idolator)

3.) Jay-Z, who I guess is taking a page out of ol' Gwynnie Paltrow's GOOP playbook, has launched a really slick-looking website with all kinds of cool things from the worlds of fashion, music, food, sports and more. (Lifeandtimes.com)

4.) Eliot Glazer, who you know BUZZWORTHY, has a book based on his ingenious Tumblr, My Parents Were Awesome. You can buy it and give it to your parents for Mother's/Father's Day, and they will take it as a compliment and then wistfully reminisce about their so much awesome-er pre-you years. #shamelessselfpromo (Tumblr)

5.) Before there were MP3s and iTunes, there were proper albums. And before there were albums, there were books. Should you have any interest in one or the other, Flavorwire has paired a handful of essential reads with some equally essential tunes. Lady Gaga included. (Flavorwire)

6.) This week in Things That Look Like Justin Bieber: Sloths That Look Like Justin Bieber. They really do look like Justin Bieber, though. (Buzzfeed)

7.) LCD Soundsystem -- in a bid to keep their edge (heh), rather than fade away over time -- played their final farewell show at Madison Square Garden on Saturday. You can relive some of it here. (TheFader)

8.) One thing that I thought would never be said about a clarinet is, "I wish I could eat this clarinet." And yet, some guy decided to craft a functioning clarinet out of a delicious carrot. Bunnies just got a lot more musical. (Urlesque)

9.) David Bowie, who invented Lady Gaga before Lady Gaga was born, is releasing an iPhone app (!!!) that lets you remix his 1975 single "Golden Years." A bunch of KCRW DJs already have, and they can show you how it's done. (KCRW)

10.) Don't know if you heard, but: This whole social media thing, it's over. James Franco called it. So, like, time to hang it up, @MTV. (Politico)