Video Premiere: Yellowcard, 'Hang You Up'

Yesterday, we brought you behind-the-scenes footage of Yellowcard's new video "Hang You Up," and today, we've got the premiere of the real thing.

You think you had it rough trying to get over an ex? Try singing to one who already has a restraining order against you as Yellowcard frontman Ryan Key does in the "Hang You Up" video, directed by highly talented Chris Marrs Piliero. Maybe Ryan's a nice guy, but the reasons for the breakup add up: singing while a guy next to you is trying to use the phone. Stealing a milk shake. Countering a drive-through order by singing through the intercom. It's total breakup material, and takes the song's sad subject matter and gives it a little unexpected levity while providing some surreal commentary on video cliches.

Eventually, our hero tracks down his ex, who's clearly not happy about the incessant singing in their relationship -- something you probably want to think about before you start dating a singer. We won't give it away, but fear not for Ryan's love life. He'll be fine. His boss at the restaurant, though, really needs to reconsider his hiring standards.

Yellowcard's video for "Hang You Up," the second single off the group's seventh album, When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes, is a great example of the group's lighthearted vibe and goofy spirit. Check it out below.

+ Watch Yellowcard's "Hang You Up" video, and check out behind-the-scenes footage from the set.

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