Justin Bieber Enters 'Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory,' Hair Remains Unscathed

Pro skater (and actor, producer, everything-doer) Rob Dyrdek returned to MTV tonight with Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory," in which he brings us to the personal mecca that is the Fantasy Factory -- the world's first all-concrete indoor skate plaza and office complex, where Dyrdek and friends show off some fancy tricks on bikes and wheels and stuff. You know, boy stuff (just kidding, girls, you know you'd ride a bike into a ball pit if someone gave you the chance).

Tonight, Rob doesn't make his comeback alone, either. On hand is everyone's favorite crooner/dancer/teen heartthrob/trillionaire/Swagger Machine, Justin Bieber. That's right, you guys: JUSTIN BIEBER IS ON "FANTASY FACTORY!!! And he's doing that thing on the bike we just talked about. Justin Bieber also pulls off some insanely unsafe acts in a go-cart and various other tricks only Rob Dyrdek or Bieber should attempt.

We know, we know, you're worried about his hair, but we promise, even after he wears a helmet (which he does, THANK GOD!), dude gets off without even the slightest trace of helmet hair. THERE IS NOTHING JUSTIN BIEBER CANNOT DO!

+ Watch Justin Bieber visit the Fantasy Factory in this brand-new clip.