New Song: NKOTBSB, 'Don't Turn Off The Lights Now'

The only thing better than NKOTB (New Kids On The Block), as you know, is NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block + Backstreet Boys). In fact, the 1988 version of us is sort of swooning in our oatmeal right now, because 2011 us is actually listening to the new NKOTBSB song "Don't Turn Off The Lights Now" WHILE we catch up on what's been going on with Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield in the just-released Sweet Valley Confidential. It's a perfect storm of decades past, and we are LOVING it.

“Don’t Turn Off the Lights” was first previewed in December to fans aboard the Backstreet Boys cruise, and now the track has finally been released. Though the two boy bands have been touring together since last year, this song is their first collaborative effort.

"Don't Turn Off The Lights Now" has a pure pop beat, and the two respective boy bands' voices blend so seamlessly, it's hard to remember there was, indeed, a seam between them. Employing our hard-hitting journalism skillz, we're pretty sure we could discern the voice of Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell, who starts off the song. Our well-honed Joey McIntyre radar (once a Joey Girl, always a Joey Girl) identifies him singing, "Just when I think it through" in the second verse. The lyrics maintain that singularly boy-band quality of translating romantic sentiments into "let's-go-a-courtin'" language every pubescent girl dreams of. In other words, it's everything we want it to be. And more.

+ Listen to NKOTBSB's "Don't Turn Off The Lights Now."