Watch A Behind-The-Scenes Sneak Peek Of Yellowcard's 'Hang You Up' Video

Last time we saw Yellowcard, the punk-pop quintet was about to become roadkill in "For You And Your Denial." Luckily, they survived unscathed and are ready to give us a special behind-the-scenes look at the making of their video for "Hang You Up," the group's second single off the recently released When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes.

Violinist Sean Mackin and lead singer Ryan Key are your friendly narrators in this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from their "Hang You Up" video -- directed by Chris Marrs Piliero -- as Mackin jokingly states that the "sheer aura of standing next to [Key] warms my heart." Awwww. We also get to see Yellowcard teasing the cast -- does that chick not look like Heidi Montag?-- and battling through hair and makeup.

We love "Hang You Up" because while the song is a bona fide bummer, it looks like the band opted for a comedic video, staying true to Yellowcard's playful, lighthearted vibe.

+ Yellowcard's "Hang You Up" video premieres tomorrow, Tuesday, April 5 on MTV and