New Video: Natalia Kills, 'Wonderland'

Credit: Getty Images

"Mirrors" singer Natalia Kills released a new video for her song "Wonderland," but there's definitely no fairy-tale ending.

"Wonderland," which references "Snow White," "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Alice In Wonderland" (ambitious!), begins with our protagonist finding herself captured by armed guards who force her to attend a fancy dinner party wearing a rabbit mask. You know, regular old Friday night. But Natalia Kills, being the badass that she is, basically says, "Eff this," and starts stomping around the dining table, ruining everyone's nice little get-together. After the party, however, things do not end so well for Natalia and her rebellious behavior. UGH, consequences!

"Wonderland" is punctuated with flashes of words like "Danger" and "Censored," and we're not sociology majors or anything but our guess is the video's a commentary about how in fantasies, things are not always what they seem.

+ Watch Natalia Kills' "Wonderland" video.