MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Oh Land

We know we've already told you a lot about about MTV PUSH Artist of the Week Nanna Øland Fabricius -- better known as whimsical Danish pop singer and style icon Oh Land. But when someone's on the brink of superstardom, we'll scream until our voice is shot.

The former Royal Danish Ballet student and daughter of an opera singer and composer recently released her self-titled debut full-length, a mix of shimmering electro- and synth-pop, which earns her a spot alongside genre-bending pop females like Lykke Li, Robyn and La Roux, who are pop music's future.

After a career-ending dance injury, referenced in the song "Break the Chain" ("She said sorry, but you're never gonna dance again/But my feet just keeps me moving/Trying to break the chain"), the 25-year-old Brooklyn resident turned to music, and with her expansive vocal range, supermodel good looks, playful demeanor and exuberant live show, has blown up among music lovers and the fashionista set alike.

But enough talk. Last week, we brought you Oh Land interviews, featuring the singer dishing about her move to Brooklyn, her dance history and how she defies musical categorizations. And now, we've got live performances of her two biggest songs, "Sun of a Gun" and "White Nights," below, as well as clips of Oh Land discussing her love of vintage and thrift stores, why there's nothing romantic about a tutu and how she describes her personal style. "It's a dreamlike quality with surreal elements," she says of the latter. Funny, we'd say the same thing about her music.