Star Spotting: Cee Lo Sees The Light

(Credit: Getty)

Well, it's doesn't look like Cee Lo is saying "F*** You" to anyone these days. In fact, the singer might have been experiencing a "Hallelujah Moment" (Oprah's words, not ours) while performing in the U.K. recently.

Dressed in -- what is that? -- a gold lamé tee (and pulling it off!), the Goodie Mob member, half of Gnarls Barkley and judge on the upcoming vocal competition "The Voice" was caught in a moment of glory, with beams of light shining behind him, reminiscent of that iconic scene from Flashdance. Or Janet Jackson in the "Rhythm Nation" video. Or the Gates of Heaven. One of those.

To be fair, hearing Cee Lo perform live is a heavenly experience for any audience, considering the dude may be the most gifted male vocalist working today. And while "F*** You" is an amazing song, would it have worked without the crazy pipes inside that 5'6" powerhouse? Lord only knows. *Cue the angels*