POSTED: Snoop Dogg Talks Nate Dogg, Charlie Sheen And Grandmas

(Credit: Cheryl Fox)

All March long, we've taken you behind the scenes and into the life of MTV Posted Artist of the Month, Snoop Dogg. These past few weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster for the Doggfather: Coming off the soaring high (heh) of the release of his 11th (!!!) studio album, Doggumentary -- a follow-up to his star-making 1993 debut Doggystyle -- Snoop's life took a solemn turn when his longtime friend and collaborator Nate Dogg unexpectedly passed away. It was a tragic event that rocked the hip-hop community, but also brought about an outpouring of love, support and celebration of a life and talent gone too soon.

After Snoop dropped by MTV headquarters for an appearance on "The Seven" this week, I was lucky enough to chat with him about Nate Dogg, the new album and, of all the unlikely collaborators in the world, Charlie Sheen. And, um, outside of being BORN, it was the coolest experience of my LIFE, because before I even started asking questions, three INCREDIBLE things happened:

1.) Snoop Dogg said to me, "Hey, Lois Lane, how you doin'?"

2.) Followed by, "I will be your Superman, give me some love baby."


Which made me like this, obviously:

Because, you guys, Snoop Dogg is a REALLY good hugger. And he smelled really nice -- like expensive cologne.

Check out the videos from my interview with Snoop Dogg. In the first video, Snoop explains how Nate Dogg "changed the game" by making it cool for thugs to sing on their records. Then Snoop sends a personal message to his fans -- the grandmothers out there, in particular -- talks about "making magic" with "great mind" Charlie Sheen, and why he regrets chasing "fast money."