VIDEO: Lady Gaga Turns 25, Sings 'Born This Way' At A Mexican Restaurant

(Credit: Getty)

It was a low-key affair at La Cita Bar, a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, where Lady Gaga spent the evening with 60 friends (um, that's a lot of friends, so good for her!) to celebrate her 25th birthday. Of course, she's Gaga, so she did wear a skintight black dress with a beehive hairdo, and even her own birthday party couldn't stop her from putting on an awesome show.

PopEater reports that Gaga covered songs by Madonna and Mötley Crüe before launching into her own hits, including her most recent smash, "Born This Way." But this is Gaga we're talking about, so, naturally, she continued with the Mexican theme of the restaurant by performing the song Mariachi-style, the perfect genre bend following her country-fried version that recently hit the webosphere.

We've already wished Gaga a happy birthday, but may we also suggest she, y'know, sit down for a second? Unyielding ambition is one thing, but turning your own birthday party into an awesome concert is another. We've got nothing but love for the girl, but can't she sneak in a birthday nap, just this once?

+ Watch Lady Gaga sing a Mariachi-style version of "Born This Way"