10 Things To Know Now: Lady Gaga's Heels Over Head, Paris Hilton On Lil Wayne + Dubstep Bill Cosby!

(Credit: WireImage, Getty, FilmMagic)

Hey kids! Wanna know what's worthy of your attention span this week? We've got some for realz blasts from the past (and not necessarily in a glass) in our latest roundup of crap we found on the internet.

1.) Lady Gaga celebrated her 25th birthday with a call from Ellen and some mariachis while us Little Monsters celebrated with these amazing new photos from her "Born This Way" promo shoot. There's a shoe on her head! (Idolator)

2.) Richard Simmons, who one might call a "retro fitness guru," made what I first thought was an in-flight EXERCISE video, but disappointingly turned out to be the in-flight SAFETY video for a New Zealand airline. (Urlesque)

3.) This is what Wikipedia's "featured articles" look like printed out. I kinda thought it would be bigger. #THATSWHATSHESAID. (Spreading Jam)

4.) Rolling Stone has whittled down the number of acts in its "Choose the Cover" contest, and three of the seven acts I picked early on have advanced! I have rully good taste, you guys. Or maybe the opposite of that, depending. (Aol.)

5.) Paris Hilton interviewed Lil Wayne for Interview magazine, because, uh, they have PRISON in common or something. But it would've been way more meta and headtrippy if Paris Hilton interviewed Lil B because he has that song "I'm Paris Hilton." (Interview)

6.) We here at Buzzworthy are no strangers to Britney Spears photo galleries. So we're pumped to link you to this latest one, which asks the question, "How do you like your Britney served?" (Refinery29)

7.) Related on the Britney tip: You guys already know about Dubstep, from that time we told you about it and what it's doing on Britney's new album, Femme Fatale. Well, now you know how to dance to it. Thanks, Bill Cosby. (Vulture)

8.) The Zack Morris cell phone is legendary. Because it's the size of a microwave. (ZackMorrisCellPhone.com)

9.) Just like landing a good man, the key to becoming a really cool musical act is to be MYSTERIOUS. As in, hide your identity and be super reclusive and make weirdo videos that no one understands. This will at least secure you a sizable hipster following. Here are some good examples of that. (Flavorwire)

10.) Have you guys seen the hilarious "Sex Is No Accident" ads yet? They are totes OMFGWTFLOL. (AdFreak)