Star Spotting: Selena Gomez Turns Blue

(Credit: Getty)

Perez Hilton turned 33 this past weekend, and celebrated in style, throwing his own birthday party -- called The Blue Ball (get it?) -- at Siren Studios in Hollywood, where Darren Criss and Macy Gray provided live entertainment. Also in attendance was Selena Gomez (sans rumored beau, Bieber), who took the name of the the party quite literally (as did all guests, for the record), dressing in shades of blue from head to toe. Somehow, in an outfit that would make anybody else look like the missing character from Alice In Wonderland, Selena looked gorgeous.

Borrowing just as much from the book of Gaga as the flapper era (also, Jessie J called, and she wants her signature jet black bob back), Selena Gomez was a royal [blue] sensation, even donning a tiny top hat for the occasion. And we all know that, in the world of fashion, a tiny top hat says "This means business!" J/K, it doesn't, but to Selena's credit, not many people can appropriately rock the tiny hat and still look flawless.

Perez Hilton, who's usually pegged as the ultimate meanie blogger, asked his guests, in lieu of birthday gifts, to donate to LGBT organizations in hopes of raising awareness about gay bullying, a sentiment we consider pretty damn cool.

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