Star Spotting: Miley Cyrus Is Too Cool For Fuel

(Credit: Splash)

Well, not really. Actually, Miley Cyrus proved that she's just like us (right, tabloids?), the many drivers across this great country whose vehicles guzzle gas and make us feel bad about our enormous carbon footprints. As much as we love Al Gore's message, we realize that driving a car -- especially in Los Angeles -- is a necessary evil, and we don't expect to see Miley start parading around Hollywood on a unicycle anytime soon.

But imagine that! Miley Cyrus on a unicycle! Or, better yet, a set of Power Wheels! OMG, this is really messed up, but how amazing would it be if Miley started some sort of movement where celebs promoted "alternative means of transportation" to promote environmental awareness by trading in her car for a set of Power Wheels? You know you wouldn't be able to turn your head if, out of nowhere, Miley and, like, Tom Hanks and Kim Kardashian started showing up in magazines and on blogs stuffing their bodies into tiny Jeeps custom-made for 6-year-olds? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

...Wow. OK, sorry. Clearly got carried away there for a second. Miley is a grown-up! Miley should drive a grown-up car like everybody else. We'll just keep this stupid fantasy to ourselves.

Um, any chance you guys know where we could buy a sweet set of Power Wheels?