New Interview: Oh Land's 'Mary Poppins On Acid' Aesthetic

Is there any part of Scandinavia that doesn't breed cute, talented pop vocalists? Earlier this week, we told you about Teddybears' "Cardiac Arrest" featuring the irresistible Swedish singer Robyn. Now, we're going a little south to Denmark for a chat with Nanna Øland Fabricius (but you can call her Oh Land).

The former Royal Danish Ballet student and daughter of an opera singer released her first EP last year, and her shimmering, whimsical pop and model-chic had critics drooling from the first note. With the recent release of her self-titled debut album, Oh Land is officially set to explode.

Splitting the difference between your new hipster pop crush and Bjork-esque eccentricity, Oh Land recently moved to Brooklyn and has been busy dazzling audiences with a live show she describes as "Mary Poppins on acid." We caught her last year and can attest to this. Expect balloons. Lots and lots of balloons.

Check out's new Oh Land interviews, where she discusses "mentally moving" to Brooklyn years before actually doing it, how 10 years of dancing affected her visual aesthetic and why her past experiences make her music difficult to describe. That last one's our job, Oh Land. Just keep making good music, and we'll be good.