Star Spotting: Katy Perry Phones Home In 'E.T.' Video Stills

Some might argue that you can credit Lady Gaga with the new photo stills from Katy Perry's upcoming video for "E.T." (featuring Kanye West). From what we can tell, in the photo stills from her "E.T." video, Katy is putting her paws up, Gaga-style, and adopting a sort of intergalactic look reminiscent of Mother Monster's in the video for "Born This Way."

A blatant departure from her Mayor Of Candyland pastiche (mmm, pastiche pistachio!), it appears Katy is doing what Gaga knows best: going weird. Maybe it was when Gaga clawed her way out of a bathtub with gigantic eyes in the video for "Bad Romance," or when she contracted a case of protruding, angular horns in "Born This Way," (and in virtually all appearances since then), but whatever the case, Katy Perry has definitely taken note, if these pictures are any indication.

Maybe Katy thinks that the sweet-toothed pin-up look has been exhausted, or maybe she just wanted to try something new, but given the neon veins, feline pupils, and Medusa-style braids atop her pretty head, Katy Perry is definitely embracing a new, extraterrestrial look (appropriate, considering the song is called "E.T."), similar to Lady Gaga, who, incidentally, sleeps in an egg chamber now.

+ See more photos of Katy Perry as an "E.T.," and watch a teaser of the video, which premieres Thursday, March 31, after the jump.