This Week In Celebrity Tweets: Christina Aguilera's First Tweet, Adam Levine Is A Brat + Country Gaga

(Credit: WireImage/FilmMagic)

Rebecca Black said it best: "It's Fri-ee-day, Fri-ee-day, gotta get down on Fri-ee-day." It's also time to get down on these celeb tweets. Let's do it!

Christina Aguilera has finally joined the party -- she got a Twitter account! Welcome to the club, Xtina. Britney Spears got her hands on her own copy of the very coveted Femme Fatale and showed us all a pic, and "Friday" songstress Rebecca Black reminds us that instant internet fame definitely has its perks: "I JUST MET BRADLEY COOPER. OMG. I almost fainted." NOT FAIR!

Also this week, after taking down his rants about the "Good Morning America" incident, Chris Brown filled the rest of his feed with less controversial tweets: "Beautiful People video is out!!! It's about uplifting one another and positivity!!!" Also, Taylor Swift tweeted from the historic Abbey Road in London, and Katy Perry let us in on a secret about actress Elizabeth Taylor, who passed away this week.

Check out all of the celebrity tweets from the week below and keep up with us at @MTVBuzzworthy!

+ CHRISTINA AGUILERA // @TheRealXtina -- Here goes my first tweet! Brace yourselves… So excited to connect with all my fans here. xo - Xtina

+ BRITNEY SPEARS // @britneyspears -- It's Femme Fatale bitch! Just got my first copy..... -Britney

+ RIHANNA // @rihanna -- Yall are gonna DIE when u see this stage...

+ CHRIS BROWN // @chrisbrown -- Beautiful People video is out!!! It's about uplifting one another and positivity!!!


+ TAYLOR SWIFT // @taylorswift13 -- Tweeting from Abbey Road studios in London. Taking it all in today.

+ ADAM LEVINE // @adamlevine -- i think im genetically predisposed to question authority. or maybe thats just a fancy way of admitting that im a f***in brat.

+ JUSTIN BIEBER // @justinbieber -- realized it's been a year since we released .0 ...been an incredible year and we are just getting started.

+ KATY PERRY // @katyperry -- R.I.P Incidentally I had the pleasure of staying in a room where she got the call (in the bath) that she was going to star in cleopatra!

+ LADY GAGA // @ladygaga -- The Country Road Version of Born This Way. Produced By: Me + Fernando. Photo By: @ ?