ZOMG! The Ready Set's Cat Is On Twitter... And We Might Be In Love With Him

(Credit: Brian Appio/MTV)

We were already fans of The Ready Set here, but we have to let you in on why we're even bigger fans now. We just discovered that Jordan Witzigreuter has a Twitter account... FOR HIS CAT. And he probably has more followers than you.

(Credit: @wallacethecat)

Wallace (@wallacethecat), seen here in the ballin'-est cat pic to ever hit the Internet, tweets from the comfort of "Jordan's house," as listed on his Twitter bio. (Hint: It's actually Jordan and his bandmates, but let's just pretend, OK?!) "I am the Casanova of cats," Wallace reveals. "I shed a lot and I want to eat your food. I also like to open-hand punch. No opposable thumbs."

What does Wallace tweet about, you ask? Oh, just regular cat stuff:

+ "Anyone need cat advice, hit me up!"

+ "Dear stupid-flying-bug-thing, don't toy with me. I can go from paws to claws in NO TIME!"

+ "Trying to find some pajama jeans so I can look super fly when I sleep too."

Cat advice? PAJAMA JEANS?! We are IN LOVE with Wallace. But that may or may not have something to do with our enormous disturbing tiny obsession with cats here at Buzzworthy... OK, fine -- we love cats! Leave us alone!

Follow The Ready Set on Twitter at @thereadyset and become one of Wallace's 3,000+ followers at @wallacethecat.