The Buzz On: Plug In Stereo

Seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter Trevor Dahl, who records as Plug In Stereo, made a gutsy move dropping out of high school to pursue a career in music, but it looks like all his hard work is paying off. The Portland, Oregon, native wrote his first song in the sixth grade, but it was only recently that Dahl began posting demos, finished tracks and EPs online. (We're partial to Mixtape, Vol. 1, an EP covering songs by Kid Cudi, New Boyz and B.O.B., among others.)

2011 has already been the biggest year of Dahl's career. Even before his debut album, Nothing To Something, is released April 12, the bushy-haired songwriter -- dude's got some crazy curls -- was recently nominated for Best Video on mtvU's The Freshmen and is preparing to go out on the Glamour Kills tour with The Ready Set, Allstar Weekend and The Downtown Fiction. Not bad for someone who can't even vote yet.

The video for his first single, "Oh Darling," featuring singer Cady Groves, is a stop-motion walk around the city for Dahl, who explained the concept of the video to mtvU: "I think this video highlights the whole process of creating a love song," Dahl says. "From sitting alone in your apartment writing lyrics, to meeting, to telling your friends about your newfound interest, to spending all your time thinking about that particular person."

Watch Plug In Stereo's "Oh Darling" video and his nostalgia-filled track "But I Can't" below.