New Video: Rise Against, 'Help Is On The Way'

(Credit: FilmMagic)

Chicago punk outfit Rise Against has never shied away from being confrontational or tackling current events. For their video for "Help Is On The Way," off their new album, Endgame, Rise Against offers their take on Hurricane Katrina, putting aside politics and focusing on the human element of the natural disaster and government response.

Along with acclaimed director Alan Ferguson, Rise Against -- who took themselves out of the video to focus instead on the story -- traveled to New Orleans to re-create the onslaught and aftermath of the deadly hurricane and filmed, according to a message posted to their Facebook, "a dramatic and compelling narrative of Hurricane Katrina through the eyes of a family."

Natural disasters unfortunately have a tendency to fade in people's minds over time, especially if they weren't directly affected, so it's good to see bands like Rise Against remind us that there are still people dealing with the effects of Katrina to this day.

+ Watch Rise Against's "Help Is On The Way" video.