Song You Need To Know: Sky Ferreira, 'Sex Rules'

(Credit: Getty Images)

Despite being born in the '90s, 18-year-old Sky Ferreira seems to know that the best party is wherever there's '80s music playing. Her song "Sex Rules" is a throwback to everyone's favorite neon decade of yore, and like it or not, it'll be stuck in your head after just one listen.

In case you're one of two people (the other one being me) who thought a song called "Sex Rules" would be about weird rules for sex, you're wrong. Sky Ferreira is young, legal and simply expressing her sexuality -- she literally means "sex rules." You know, like you or I might say, "These nachos rule," or like Ox from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure said, "San Dimas High School football rules!" ('80s reference!)

Previously on "17," we heard Sky Ferreira get all dark-disco on us, but on "Sex Rules," think super early Madonna mixed with 21st-century synthpop (Chromeo, Robyn, La Roux). It's fun, synth-y, sexy pop music. "I think you mean PROTECTED sexy pop music!!!!" -- Everyone's mom

+ Check out Sky Ferreira's "Sex Rules" here, and watch Sky explain to MTV2 why you should buy her album.