Star Spotting: Taylor Swift Goes Antiquing 30 Years Too Early

(Credit: Getty Images)

Who would've guessed that award-winning country-pop crossover superstar Taylor Swift went antiquing, of all things? Considering that she's only a year above the drinking law stateside, it's a little puzzling to see the leggy 22-year-old going shopping at an antique store in London because, y'know, that's, like, Mom's thing. Or your gay uncle's thing.

Granted, we know Taylor Swift has a flair for interior design... and can shop wherever she damn well pleases, given the circumstances, but catching her exiting a shop that looks like it was tailor-made (get it?!) for old English ladies who just need "one more embroidered throw pillow to make the flat look bloody fantastic" (that's how they talk over there) is both jarring and, well, actually kind of cute.

Because even as we poke fun at antiquing (as Taylor pops her head into a store that probably sells way too many crocheted things), it's refreshing to see a young starlet make a left turn from only going couture, instead opting for something a little more old-timey. Musty and Victorian, even!

As long as she doesn't start wearing orthopedic shoes, we think Taylor's making all the right choices.