The Buzz On: Turquoise Jeep

If you've recently heard your friends singing "Lemme Smang It" (we first started smangin' it back in October 2010... you always remember your first smang) or "Sex Syrup" and looked at them with a vague, clueless stare, we got you. They're talking about Turquoise Jeep, the hip-hop and R&B crew/record label whose (intentionally?) low-budget videos and sex-filled rhymes have already made them cult heroes.

Turquoise Jeep, comprised of MCs Yung Humma, Flynt Flossy, Slick Mahony and Pretty Raheem and producers Tummiscratch and Whatchyamcallit, released their debut album Keep the Jeep Ridin' last December and "Lemme Smang It," the first single, has already amassed nearly 3 million views on YouTube.

Now the collective, whose songs include "Stretchy Pants," "Licky Sticky" and "Not Your Professor But Your Prosexxor" (brillz!) have inspired legions of fan videos mimicking the group's bargain-basement style and cheeky choreo, and they recently earned an opening slot for Outkast MC Big Boi.

Regardless of the fact that Turquoise Jeep looks like one long Dave Chappelle sketch minus Robot Man (in the good way), try not to think about it too hard. Just go with it. And for good measure, watch their video for "Lemme Smang It" below, and learn how to "Flow With The Floss."