Star Spotting: Katy Perry, Sexy Librarian

(Credit: Splash)

That damn Katy Perry can make any outfit look good! Stepping out of the Lowry Hotel in Manchester, UK, Katy Perry was looking mighty fine in all pastels, rocking some hard-core "sexy librarian" cat-eye glasses. We're almost positive that Katy's vision isn't poor, but it's not as if her going all "four eyes" on us does anything to distract from the fact that she's drop-dead gorgeous. In fact, she somehow gets prettier, which is mind-boggling.

Katy reportedly spent the weekend shopping in London and hanging out with friends while on her European tour. The next stops include Liverpool and Dublin, so maybe that's why she looks so... proper? Granted, Katy Perry's pretty well-known for making wardrobe choices that run a tad more, er, endowed. So to see her step out looking like royalty probably means she's probably just adjusting to her surroundings (and doing it quite well, we may add).

We said it about Justin Bieber, and we'll see it about Katy: Spending time across the pond can really do something to a pop star. Justin Bieber starts driving around in minivans, and now Katy Perry looks ready to arm-wrestle Kate Middleton? What are you doing with our celebrities, UK?