Lady Gaga Googles Herself And Knows You Do Too

In the past two years, Lady Gaga has been the most searched-for artist on Google, which the search engine's VP, Marissa Mayer, reminded her on Tuesday when the reigning Queen of Pop sat down for an interview at the internet behemoth's offices in California. Lady Gaga, also on hand to promote a tool called Google Moderator, fielded questions from both employees and Little Monsters (some were two in the same). (Side note: There's a "Gaga/Google" joke in here somewhere, right?)

Sporting a black and blond spiraling beehive thing and enormous platform boots with bottlecap sunglasses, Gaga opened up about her internet presence, including her opinion on Rebecca Black: Gaga hadn't yet seen the "Friday" video, but praised Rebecca Black saying, “I think it’s fantastic. I say Rebecca Black is a genius, and anyone that’s telling her she's cheesy is full of s***!” One viral video Gaga does love, though, is "David After The Dentist," and even quotes the dazed tot when she's tired before a performance, asking "Is this real life?"

Gaga also made it abundantly clear that everybody Googles themselves, including pop superstars, and that "any artist who says they [don't] is a big fat liar."

Well, we could've told you that. Or you could've just asked Katy Perry.