New Video: Lenka, 'Heart Skips A Beat'

(Credit: Guy Aroch)

Ashley Greene doppelgänger Lenka has a new video out, and like the singer herself, it is, as the French say, tres ador...ablay. "Heart Skips A Beat" is the first single from Lenka's upcoming sophomore album, Two, out April 19, and we seriously cannot decide what's more charming -- the song or the video.

Lenka starts "Heart Skips A Beat" with an homage to the world's most frustrating board game, Operation. (Seriously! That buzzing? Ahh!) The doctors are fast at work operating on a light-up Lenka, who's a lot cuter than the Operation guy. An all-fixed-up Lenka hops off the operating table to join four men dressed as stethoscopes in a dance routine, all while remaining almost irritatingly cute (we say this out of jealousy) in her little blue June Cleaver dress.

"Heart Skips A Beat" not only showcases Lenka's retro style. It also makes us want to have a 1960s dance party (no hippies allowed). Any takers?

+ Watch Lenka's "Heart Skips A Beat" video: