Rebecca Black Performs 'Friday' Live On Leno (On A Tuesday)

Well, she did it. Rebecca Black performed "Friday" on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," but only before sitting down for an interview with Jay to fill him in on the details of her overnight success. Rebecca Black admitted that, initially, the haters got to her, thinking "the world hates [her]," but she's since stopped reading the comments (which is probably a healthy choice).

Rebecca also revealed that proceeds from the song's lightning-quick climb into the Top 100 on iTunes will go to the relief efforts surrounding the devastating tsunami that hit Japan. We think that's pretty amazing -- it's not every day that you see a kid so enthusiastic to help those in need, so three cheers for Rebecca Black! Even as some of the internet continues to mock her, it looks like the 13-year-old has a very good head on her shoulders; her unapologetic attitude about the musicianship that may or may not exist on "Friday" is a moot point by now, and it looks like the girl's just trying to have fun [fun fun fun fun].

Although Rebecca Black admitted that her dream collaboration would be with Justin Bieber, it looks like the equally heartthrob-y Nick Jonas is on Team Rebecca Black -- he performed "Friday" live at the Concert for Hope in Los Angeles, so here's hoping Rebecca gets to team us with at least one teen dream.

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