PHOTO: Lady Gaga Lights Up Her No-No Areas

(Credit: Splash)

If you've ever been to a Lady Gaga concert, you know that the Monster Ball isn't just a concert -- it's a full-blown spectacular spectacle. At last night's Monster Ball in Oakland, California, Lady Gaga brought her A game. On hand were the usual suspects: fake blood, leather unitards, S&M gear, bodysuits, disco sticks, angular, flesh-colored miniskirts, and plenty of dry ice. And, oh yeah, and Gaga's sparkling ladyparts.

Maybe it got too dark onstage or something, but at some point, Gaga whipped out the mechanical bodywear to -- if we may borrow from Katy Perry -- show us that she's a firework. We were introduced to Gaga's ignitable areas at the 2009 MuchMusic Video Awards and at the end of her "Bad Romance" video. But Gaga has continued to sport both a flammable bra and an ignitable no-no area as part of her tour costume.

Granted, we love seeing anyone act as a one-lady pyro show, but we're also mildly concerned for Gaga! Sure, she's probably safe from harm, but the mechanics of the sparklegear still manage to make us nervous that she's going to burn something off! And is it really worth it, at the end of the day? What are we saying? Of course it is.