Star Spotting: Chris Brown Can't Let Us Forget He Has A Six-Pack

(Credit: Getty Images)

Chris Brown had quite a day yesterday. It all started when an interview on "Good Morning America" drove the guy to the edge after Robin Roberts repeatedly asked him about his volatile past with Rihanna. Allegedly, he threw a tantrum following the interview, throwing a chair into a window and leaving shards of glass in Times Square before leaving the building sans shirt.

Maybe he needed to cool off, but Brown reportedly cleared the rest of his schedule (including an interview with MTV, *cough*cough*), instead heading to a restaurant with his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, before managing to squeeze onto the notoriously exclusive West 4th Street public basketball courts in downtown Manhattan.

While there, Chris was photographed showing off his abs, which -- at this point -- is a little redundant, no? As if we didn't notice yesterday when he left ABC studios, marching topless through Times Square, the dude's got a great torso. His anger management issues could probably stand to be readdressed, too, but it looks like right now, Chris Brown's more focused on promoting his album, F.A.M.E. (which is No. 1 on iTunes), and reminding us that we should start doing crunches again.

+ Watch Chris Brown's brand-new video, "Beautiful People," below and tell us if you think he's ready for the spotlight again.