PHOTOS: Cats On Album Covers Are The Best!

OM(eow)G! Hey, did you guys know that cats are funny? Because they are. There's a reason the entire Internet is obsessed with cats and not, say for example, dogs. They're funny when they're asleep, they're funny when they're hanging out and they're even funny when they're bored. CATS ARE ALWAYS FUNNY!!!!

Turns out they're also funny when they're on album covers. Yeah, we know we're definitely not the first ones to notice the cats-on-album-covers trend, but we're still in awe of what a great idea it is. Putting a cat on your album cover is like saying, "Hey fans, we love animals. But we love the Internet more." Platinum Internet status in no time.

Take a look at some of our favorite bands' cat album covers below, and hey, stop being so embarrassed about that LOLCAT desktop background. We made this list -- our crazy cat lady-ness outweighs yours.

Ultimate post-surf rockers Wavves' 2010 release King Of The Beach features an animated version of Snacks the cat wearing a gold chain and smoking. Even pictured as a cartoon participating in illicit drug usage, that cat is still hilarious.

Snacks the cat makes his second appearance on Best Coast's self-titled album. He doesn't look so happy there in chilly California waters, but cheer up, little guy -- you have so much hipster cred, you don't even know.

Our friends and recent Woodie Awards performers and winners Two Door Cinema Club really nailed the cat cover genre with their album Tourist History. And look, he looks like he's wearing glasses!!! The best kind of cat!!! See what Two Door Cinema Club told us about the cat on their Tourist History cover. There's a story there. There always is.

Indie rockers We Are Scientists might have started the entire cat cover trend. They released With Love And Squalor all the way back in 2005. People were barely even text messaging then, let alone Cat Paint-ing their iPhone photos. These guys are true trailblazers.

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Looks like Dom lead singer Dominic (see where the name comes from?) and Nathan from Wavves have been incepting each other's dreams.

And, LOL, we got you. Cat Stevens is the most recognized Cat in music, so we couldn't leave him off the list. And real quick, just spend a couple seconds thinking about all the felines out there who share this dude's name. Poor guys. They'll never be able to write something like "Wild World" -- they don't have opposable thumbs.