Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Hitches A Ride In A Mom Mobile

(Credit: Splash)

Justin Bieber was on his way to his second concert at the MEN Arena in Manchester, U.K., yesterday, when throngs of screaming young girls were desperate for a real, live peek at the dude. Can you blame them? Even at his young age, The Biebs knows what the ladies like, so he had one of his minions quickly open the door to his minivan so he could wave at his adoring fans.

Here's the thing, though: Justin Bieber is the essence of cool. He's a multitalented musician, singer, dancer and all-around international superstar with his own "Swagger Coach," a role we never fully understand until we see Justin croon, and then it all makes sense. The kid can make girls weak in the knees with that signature "sexy stare," which, if he weren't so darn cute, might be mistakenly considered the old stinkeye.

So how could a guy so fly be driven around in a minivan? We get it: He's in the U.K., and things are just different there. They drink tea in the afternoon, they call elevators lifts and all the nannies can fly. Understood!

But, c'mon, Manchester, you can't get the guy an enormous SUV? We know he's not officially royalty across the pond (considering you literally have kings and queens -- just like chess!), but even the Queen herself would be like, "Yeah, I'm gonna have to say no to the silver minivan. Call me when you've got a Tahoe. Latah, hatahs!"