Hey, Selena Gomez, Even More Justin Bieber Pillows ACTUALLY EXIST!

(Credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Ellen DeGeneres recently gifted an unsuspecting Selena Gomez with a Justin Bieber pillow, after reminding the "Who Says" singer that she once claimed Justin was "like a brother" to her. And that got us thinking. Justin Bieber pillows are just... too NECESSARY for your home decor concept to be limited to a single iteration, like the one Selena will no doubt be laying her head on this evening. No. So we tracked down our favorite Justin Bieber pillows on Etsy. Which is convenient, because weren't you JUST sighing to your BFF, "GEEZ I wish I could lay my weary head upon an airbrushed image of Justin Bieber and his casually windswept mane tonight"? Well, wish no more, friends. WISH NO MORE.

(Credit: ilovetopman.etsy.com)

Naturally, this pillowcase will liven up the yellow-and-gray and BIEBER-themed bedroom in which you're undoubtedly dwelling. And lest people wonder where the future Mrs. Bieber sleeps, that mystery has now been solved. (Also, though, like DOES Mrs. Bieber really sleep here? Does she, though?)

(Credit: etsy.com)

If Bieber + animal print is more the theme of your bedroom (I'm sure interior designer Jonathan Adler will be embracing this combo for Fall 2011), you'll want to involve yourself with this throw pillow, adorned with an 8x10 photo of Justin.

(Credit: BlairGreyson.etsy.com)

Lastly, perhaps photos are too gaudy for you; you're a superfan who'd rather subtly salute your singing savior with the written word. An epistolary shout-out, if you will. And what better word than "Belieber?" Or Belieber in large, pink felt letters on your pillow? Exactly.

Why say ANYTHING with flowers (unless they're Justin Bieber flowers) when you can say everything you need to with a Bieber pillow? Tell us: Which one is your favorite?