Hilary Duff And Jennifer Lopez Are Finally The Same Person

(Credit: Getty)

Hollywood is a weird little town. For a while, it seemed like Paris Hilton was leading the parade of "tanorexic" girls whose look -- bottle-blonde hair and fake tans -- dominated the style spotlight. But now, even with Snooki and the "Jersey Shore" girls -- dressed head to toe in Ed Hardy leisure suits and skin the color of mahogany furniture -- we've discovered several famous female celebrities may be morphing into a brand-new wonder-twin hybrid race.

Take singers Jennifer Lopez and Hilary Duff, for example. One is a Latina bombshell, with honey-colored skin that glimmers like her face was made out of, say, stars and fairy dust. The other is a Texas-bred, blonde beauty who's 18 years younger than Jennifer Lopez. Oddly, though, with her darker highlighted hair, Hilary Duff is virtually indistinguishable from "American Idol" judge J. Lo.

Of course, this is good news for both women, considering they're both total knockouts who appear to be creating their own race of ageless superwomen. We'll call them Jilary. Or Hennifer. Whatever, you get the idea. It's a new race! Science!