Conan O'Brien Takes On Rebecca Black's 'Friday' With 'Thursday'

Conan O'Brien knows enough to hop on the viral video bandwagon when it stops by, which is evident in "Thursday," his spoof of Rebecca Black's wildly popular YouTube music video, "Friday."

The phenomenon just keeps getting bigger and bigger, as Rebecca Black surpassed the 33 MILLION views mark on YouTube and has already earned Rebecca Black and Ark Music Factory $20,000 since the song became inescapable. At just 13, it looks like Rebecca Black's laughing all the way to the bank, considering the nonstop blitzkrieg of publicity (both good and bad) that's followed her, helping push the album into the Top 100 on iTunes.

But with all due respect to Rebecca and her favorite day of the week, we've got to hand it to Coco on this one. His favorite day of the week may have become ours, too. "Friday" is great and all, but, man -- Thursdays? Fun fun fun fun fun, indeed!