Is Chris Brown Ready To Be Back In The Spotlight?

(Credit: Getty Images)

It seemed like things were on the up and up for Chris Brown since recently completing his court-ordered domestic violence counseling after his very public assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. And just a couple weeks ago, Chris opened up to Page Six Magazine about the personal progress he's made since then, stating, "People are always gonna talk, but I'm in a positive place."

But after Chris Brown's outburst at "Good Morning America" today, we're wondering if the "Yeah 3X" singer really is in the positive place that he claims to be. Chris immediately took to Twitter after the incident, declaring how he was "over people bringing past s--- up," after he was upset that "GMA" host Robin Roberts pressed Chris on the 2009 assault. The tweet has since been deleted, but we have to say -- it feels a lot like Chris Brown still has a lot of anger inside.

We know that Chris Brown has been trying to move past an event that was not only personally devastating for him and his fans (though moreso, of course, to Rihanna), but also wreaked havoc on his career. But this kind of behavior makes us think that maybe Chris Brown might still need some time off before being thrust back into the spotlight to promote his career.

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