PHOTO: Willow Smith's Hair Is Now Neon Yellow!

(Credit: Ringo,

It's officially spring! A perfect time to ditch that winter white and spruce up your hair with neon yellow waist-length extensions. Well, if you're Willow Smith. Sorry, everyone else.

The "21st Century Girl" is all smiles, seen here on the streets of Manchester, where she was supporting her pal Justin Bieber at his show at London's famous MEN arena. Rocking uniquely Willow style, we see the little firecracker in a hoodie, sweatpants, a fur vest and DayGlo braids. Just another day in the life.

We're wondering where Willow Smith gets her creative inspiration. It's not every day that you see a 10-year-old sporting a kind of postapocalyptic uniform paired with hair sponsored by BIC highlighters. We definitely ain't hatin', we're just kind of jealous -- we could never leave the house in sweatpants looking this fly.

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