Jennifer Lopez Gets An Assist From Lady Gaga And Red One On 'Invading My Mind'

(Credit: WireImage)

Looks like Jennifer Lopez has been drinking some good idea juice lately (remember that FLAWLESS hair and makeup?). In a very savvy songwriting move, Jennifer Lopez teamed up with Lady Gaga and her famed producer Red One on a new track, "Invading My Mind," off of her upcoming album Love?

If I were Jennifer Lopez, I too would be hanging with Lady Gaga right now -- the anticipation for Gaga's new album, Born This Way, seems to be at an all-time high. Additionally if I were Jennifer Lopez, I'd spend all day looking in the mirror and counting my diamonds.

"Invading My Mind" was made for dancing, and the Gaga/Red One influences are undeniable. We can imagine Lady Gaga herself singing over the fast-paced dance track -- it sounds just like a B-side from The Fame. Red One and J. Lo collaborated on the first single from Love?, "On The Floor," and now that we've heard "Invading My Mind," we have to say we're really feeling the J. Lo-era direction that this album is heading.

Lady Gaga and Red One are a power duo, but adding Jennifer Lopez to the mix is like completing the Energizer Bunny trifecta of pop music. It's party time -- line those shot glasses juice boxes up.

+ Listen to Jennifer Lopez's "Invading My Mind."