Star Spotting: Ashlee Simpson And Bronx Mowgli Perfect Being Adorable

(Credit: Getty)

Visiting the Milk And Bookies Second Annual Story Time Celebration in Los Angeles on Sunday, Ashlee Simpson brought along her bundle of joy, Bronx Mowgli, whose adorable face is living up to his equally adorable name. Sure, Ashlee (and now-ex Pete Wentz) may have initially received flack for coming up with such an "unusual" name for their kid, but the little tater tot looks like he's owning that ish like a superstar. From the looks of it, widdle Bronx got his blond curls from his Mama (although the jury's out on who gave him those apple-red chipmunk cheeks, which are definitely begging for a soft pinch).

Ashlee and Bronx showed up at the event alongside other proud parents Jack Black and Maya Rudolph, all in attendance in support for Milk and Bookies, a program that promotes reading and community work, and allows kids to select and donate books to those less fortunate.

And if a recent photo of Bronx with his daddy is any indication, the little dude's got quite the array of sweaters to choose from. Sorry, Bill Cosby!