We HAVE To Say Something About Pink's Bad Haircut

(Credit: Getty)

It's been an unfortunate series of bad hair days for Pink, and probably will be for a while as her new deeply bad gray-blond pixie haircut grows out. What IS that hairstyle? Was her stylist joking? Does she hate Pink? Was she paying an unnecessary homage to "The Three Stooges"' Moe? Or perhaps she wanted to do a tribute to favorite stuffed animal relic the Monchichi? Who knows. There's even a little George Clooney-circa-the-beginning-of-"ER"'s-epic-run going on in that look.

Pink, who's pregnant with her first child with husband Carey Hart, is not happy with her hair "don't." "The woman that did my hair butchered it," Pink tweeted. "I hate it." Poor Pink. That haircut is not OK. It's not even wrong in ANY of the right ways, let alone all of them, to paraphrase the singer's "Raise Your Glass" lyrics. For a gal who revels in her edginess, we're horrified for her that this faux Caesar has left Pink with all the rough edges of a Skittle. Oh, Pink! We raising our glass to your bravery... and your next haircut.