Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Is A Ninja!

(Credit: Splash)

At the MEN Arena in Manchester, UK, Justin Bieber flexed his muscles to prove that he can do just about anything, from singing to playing guitar to chopping wood with his bare hands. Dressed to kill in his usual shiny, heartthrob-from-space outfit (who else but Justin can pull off all white year-round?), The Biebs gave us his best ninja stance in his first of two shows across the pond. Needless to say, his swagger count is just jumping off the charts at this point.

We knew Bieber could dance (just ask Usher ...or, like, bajillions of girls under 18 worldwide), but who knew Justin Bieber could also fight to the bitter end? Remind us never to get into a lunchyard brawl with Bieber, whose blossoming into adulthood is coming quicker and quicker, starting first with the new haircut.

One day he's a tween heartthrob, the next day he's an adorable mini Chuck Norris. Kids grow up so fast these days...