Madonna-Inspired Shoe Is Blond AND Ambitious

(Credit: Kobi Levi)

Yes, this is a photo of a shoe. For your foot. We're not sure how, but this is actually a real shoe that you are supposed to somehow maneuver your foot into. Israeli designer Kobi Levi created these "Blond Ambition" heels as an homage to Madonna, and we just have to marvel at the details for a second. He nailed absolutely everything!

(Credit: Getty Images)

The fashions from Madonna's "Blond Ambition" tour are iconic and unforgettable and, many would argue, still quite influential on so many of the designs we see pop stars wear today. From the cone bra to the stitching to the high-braided ponytail, all the way down to the mic, this shoe is (excuse our French) effing bananas. And how fitting that one of the only people we could see actually rocking this shoe is Madonna herself. OMG, it'd be so meta.

Even meta-ier, what if Lady Gaga wore them?! Better yet, what if Gaga wore another one of Kobi's wild creations?

We couldn't find any meat shoes in Kobi's collection, but we could definitely see Gaga slipping (get it?) into these banana shoes with some kind of fruit-inspired ensemble. (We're sure there's one somewhere in the Gaga pipeline.) And they've got just enough Andy Warhol in 'em, an artist who we know our girl Gaga is actually gaga for. It's only a matter of time, people.

Or what about Lady Gaga sporting these mallard-inspired pumps? Although we're not sure the heel's quite high enough...she's used to about 12-plus inches.

Check out more of Kobi Levi's insanely creative shoes designs on his blog and let us know which celebs you think might be able to pull some of these off!