MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Lil B

This week's MTV PUSH Artist of the Week is Lil B, the prolific Berkeley, California MC whose work both as a solo artist and member of hip-hop group The Pack have made the 21-year-old wordsmith a nationwide phenomenon.

The prolific rapper, who earned a Left Field Woodie nomination at this year's mtvU Woodie Awards, has released a staggering 15 mixtapes and four solo albums since 2009, and that's not even counting his two full-lengths with The Pack. Has this dude figured out a way to record in his sleep or something?

The MC, who somehow finds time in his schedule to tweet 3,000 times a day and inadvertently create Internet memes that'd make your mom blush, has both hip-hop critics and fans fawning over him. And in his Based God movement, which he explained to us recently as staying true to yourself and not caring what others think of you (though that's a broad definition at best), the MC has practically created a religion around him. Oh, and in his spare name, he invents dances via YouTube that have collectively garnered millions of hits.

But if you still don't know Lil B, we got you. Check out Lil B's videos below to see the rapper answer critics of his music, perform to a frenzied crowd, get bombarded with a flurry of hats, sneakers and who knows what else to sign for fans, and discuss how "everything [he] says is for a reason."