Indie Music Month Video Premiere: PJ Harvey, 'The Colour Of The Earth'

As part of MTV's Indie Music Month, we're premiering videos from some of the most exciting artists in the indie music scene. Today, iconoclastic UK singer PJ Harvey gets all pastoral on us with the premiere of "The Colour of the Earth," a comforting video that makes us want to hop in a rental car and get out of this bustling city and on to quieter, greener settings.

We're still torn on which half of the video we like more. In the first bit, Harvey and a group of handsome older gentleman awkwardly figure out what to do with themselves and when to look in the camera while they sing an a capella version of "The Colour of the Earth," a melodic folk tune with production values as lush as the countryside that surrounds them. In the second half, we hear the proper studio version of "The Colour of The Earth" while the camera tours the farm setting, glimpsing shots of chickens, trees and hail-covered ground.

Either way, the video make us want to adopt a British accent, move to the countryside and just write folk songs all day. Sigh.

+ Watch PJ Harvey's "The Colour of the Earth" video.