Star Spotting: Katy Perry Does 'The Hustle' With A Teddy Bear

(Credit: Splash)

Katy Perry kicked off the U.K. leg of her "California Dreams" tour at the Hammersmith Apollo in London yesterday. The unofficial Mayor of Candyland (as far as we're concerned) put on a dazzling show, with several costume changes and a stage filled with giant lollipops, which were surely inspired by her video for "California Gurls."

Accompanying her onstage was the pretty purple, uh, lady bear (you can tell she's female because has has long eyelashes and lipstick) you see in the picture above. We weren't there to actually witness the show, but it looks like Ms. Bear has some moves and is definitely holding her own up there alongside Katy.

Which leads us to our next question: Where DID you get that amazing bow? Did Forever 21 open a store just for bears?

+ Watch Katy Perry's video for "California Gurls" below.